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Learn at your convenience. Take CPD courses anywhere, anytime through the Internet. 


The Institute, in collaboration with, brings more than 100 e-Learning courses covering topics such as accounting, practice management, corporate finance, information technology and ethics to the professional accountants. Equip with the relevant knowledge and skills from a wide range of topics to speed up success.


4 free courses on Ethics and Regulations, Information Technology and Management Accounting are now available. Register online now to equip yourself with the specific knowledge.


Subscription fees



HK$2,250 (Excel@acpd)

HK$5,850(Annual License)


(For Certified Public Accountants, Registered Students, International Affiliates and members of staff of HKICPA, as well as Associate Members, Fellow Members, Registered Students and members of staff of HKIAAT, and valid Passport Holders of GAA only)


CPD hours :

1 verifiable CPD hour (Free Course)

4 verifiable CPD hours (Course)

20+ verifiable CPD hours (Excel@acpd)

500+ verifiable CPD hours (Annual License)







1. CPD hours for the e-Learning courses are granted at the lesser of i) the actual time spent by you on the programme; or ii) the listed CPD hours of the programme. This applies even when you successfully complete the assessment. Refer to Statement 1.500 (July 2014) and FAQ for details of the CPD requirements.