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Learn at your convenience. Take CPD courses anywhere, anytime through the Internet.


These e-seminar courses are adapted from the popular CPD activities held recently. You may refer to the List of courses for details. Enrol online or by completing the subscription form



Features of e-Seminar:

  • Presented in audio format synchronized with respective Powerpoint slides
  • Users can print the Powerpoint slides for their reference
  • Free one-minute preview of the courses is available for members to try out




1. CPD hours for courses are granted at the lesser of i) the actual time spent by the subscriber on each course; or ii) the listed CPD hours offered for each course based on the List of courses . Refer to Statement 1.500 (July 2014) and FAQ for details of the CPD requirements.

2. There may be amendments to the relevant standards/rules/regulations since the event date.  Subscribers are encouraged to keep updated with the latest developments on the standards/rules/regulations.


3. The course will be available until the date as specified. In normal circumstances, a subscriber will be given six months for viewing the course. However, for the subscriber who has enrolled the course less than six months from the specified date, he/she will not be given six months for viewing the course. Refer to the List of courses for the available period of each course.