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Learn at your convenience.  Take CPD courses anywhere, anytime through the Internet.


Today's certified public accountants are expected not only to be competent in accounting and related issues but are also often looked upon as advisors to business. With the raising complexity of financial products, acquiring the necessary knowledge on financial products is critical to business performance and individual career development.


To support your continuing professional development, the Institute offers a range of online courses on financial market developed by Intuition Publishing Limited, a company incorporated in Ireland.  The verifiable CPD hours granted is based on the expected duration as specified for each course, ranging from 1 to 3 verifiable CPD hours.


You may refer to the List of courses for details. Enrol online or by completing the subscription form.




1. CPD hours for courses are granted at the lesser of i) the actual time spent by the subscriber on each course; or ii) the listed CPD hours offered for each course based on the List of courses . This applies even when the subscriber successfully completes the assessment. Refer to Statement 1.500 (July 2014) and FAQ for details of the CPD requirements.


2. Complimentary e-Seminar is provided for each subscription of four e-Finance courses by each subscriber. State your choice of the complimentary e-Seminar when you enroll online or fill in the subscription form, otherwise this complimentary e-Seminar will be forfeited. Refer to the List of courses for the available e-Seminars.