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About the Global Accounting Alliance

1. What is GAA?

Bringing together 800,000 of the world's leading professional accountants, it is a joint venture of nationally based Institutes responsible for professional accountants who provide the majority of services to the world's largest listed entities and which recognize that the major capital markets are now global and therefore a joint venture body will facilitate the transfer of best practice and data across the world.  


2. Objectives

Click here for details.


3. Who are the members?

The members of the GAA are: 



4. Early milestones

  • Increased advocacy in areas such as liability reform  Improved collaboration in areas such as service offerings to SMEs and SMPs
  • Increased quality by transferring best practices internationally
  • Increased portability of the qualifications of member bodies
  • Increased support for members who live and work internationally


5. Members are leading accounting institutes

Each of the institutes involved has a history of quality designations and service in the public interest with the major listed entities in each of the markets that they serve nationally. They have been at the forefront of developments internationally within the profession.


6. Members of the GAA member bodies

GAA is a joint venture built around national institutes whose members or member firms act for global companies and leading listed entities by either preparing or auditing the accounts of those entities.


7. Member benefits

Firstly by international help and support available in major capital markets from each member institute.
Secondly by the participation of the GAA in major global developments on such issues as regulation and accounting standards.
Finally by the cross border fertilization of quality initiatives between institutes.