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Passport of visitors

GAA Passport for Member Services for visitors to the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs

Below are useful links regarding the Global Accounting Alliance Passport to Member Services for visitors.

HKICPA membership

International candidates are welcome to join HKICPA as members if they meet the requirements. Click here for more information about this as well as mutual recognition for members of GAA institutes.

The Institute also admits international affiliates. Please click here for details.

Public practices

If you would like to come to Hong Kong to practise, please click here to learn more about requirements and procedures for obtaining a licence.

Work visas

Click here to find out how to apply for the necessary visas or entry permits for employment as professionals in Hong Kong. Check out what supporting documents are required and how long it normally takes to process an application.

GAA Passport benefits

By virtue of your membership of a Global Accounting Alliance institute, you can click on the following links to subscribe to or join many of the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs' activities, including networking events and CPD.
These products and services are available to GAA visitors for up to one year from their date of registration with the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs.
The links below will allow you to sign up for many activities online. Please visit the Member Support Department for more information or to sign up for your special identification card, which will allow you to take advantage of discounts for books, wine, and other products:

Member Support Department:
37th floor
Wu Chung House
213 Queens Road East
Hong Kong
Tel: 2287 7361 / 2287 7008
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays (except Friday close at 5:30 p.m.)
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


Institute magazine
A Plus - free on-line article access
CPD programme - member rates
Participate in continuing professional development courses for the same price as members of the Institute. Visit the Member Services counter and enrol by cheque payment or offline credit card payment. Click here for the calendar of events.
Networking events - member rates
Watch the weekly e-circular for special member events and to enrol or click the At-a-glance Events Calendar.
Merchandise discounts
As a GAA Passport holder, you can enjoy special discounts on various merchandise. Click here for details.
Facilities and Meeting Rooms - Member Rates
The Institute has approximately 15,000 square feet available for meeting and training sessions. We offer member rates that are below the rates of other top-end meeting rooms in Hong Kong. Click here for details.
Library & information services
The Institute has a library and information centre on the 27th floor, Wu Chung House, Wanchai. GAA Passport holders are welcome to use these services by registering with counter staff.
Interest Groups activities - Member's rate
The Institute hosts a variety of gatherings for members with special interests in business or leisure. GAA visitors are welcome to join these activities at member's rate.