The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants announced that from Wednesday 15 July 2020 until further notice, the closure of the library facilities and the adjustment of the services hours of the counter on the 27th floor from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, whilst counter services hours on Saturday remains unchanged (from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon).

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PAIB events

Date Topic Nature of Activity
19 Sep 2020

PAIB Virtual Conference 2020 – Thriving in turbulent times: Business continuity and growth strategies


[Online registration will commerce at 12:00 noon, 4 August.]

Virtual Conference
21 Sep 2019

PAIB Conference 2019 – Digital & Virtual Banking: tomorrow's banking today?

8 Sep 2018

PAIB Conference 2018 – The Day After Tomorrow: A Reality Check for Accountants Today

30 May 2018 Members' Forum for PAIBs Forum
9 Sep 2017 PAIB conference 2017 – CPAs beyond the horizon
20 Jun 2017 Members' Forum for PAIBs Forum
3 Sep 2016 PAIB Conference 2016: Technology – Friend or Foe? Conference

22 Jun 2016

Members' Forum for PAIBs Forum
24 Oct 2015 PAIB Forum – Future CFO's DNA Forum
5 Oct 2015 Members' Forum for PAIBs Forum
14 Jul 2015 Joint PAIB and CFIG event : Meeting Business Partners – When a CFO meets an i-banker Seminar cum Networking Cocktail Reception
13 Feb 2015 PAIB forum – How would IESBA's proposed changes to Part C of the ethics code affect PAIBs? Forum
1 Dec 2014 Members' Forum for PAIBs Forum
22 Jul 2014 PAIB forum: Competition Ordinance – Getting Prepared for Full Implementation Forum
29 May 2014 Disclosing key areas of corporate governance (3) – Shareholder communications Forum
3 Apr 2014 Disclosing key areas of corporate governance (2) – Board's roles and operation Forum
20 Feb 2014 Disclosing key areas of corporate governance (1) – Internal controls and audit committees Forum
16 Oct 2013 Public Sector Focus Group Discussion – Balancing Profit Optimisation and Public Interest group discussion
28 Jun 2013 PAIB Seminar on COSO’s Updated Internal Control – Integrated Framework Seminar
23 Apr 2013 PAIB Seminar on Receivables Management and Debt Recovery Seminar
21 Jan 2013 Directors' and officers' responsibilities and liabilities under new companies and securities laws Seminar
23 Aug 2012 Joint Forensics Forum and PAIB seminar – Whistle-blowing: the law, policies and procedures and how to deal with them Seminar
28 Jun 2012 HKICPA/ ICAEW Joint Seminar: The CFO, conflicts of interest and corporate governance Seminar
1 Jun 2012 Business Conference 2012
Charting developments and best practices
in the Mainland and Hong Kong
23 Apr 2012 Public Sector Focus Group Discussion – Meeting with the Director of Audit Foucs group discussion
14 Apr 2012 PAIB Workshop: investor relations for listed companies Building a successful, long-term relationship with investors Workshop
1 Mar 2012 PAIB Seminar: Reducing Costs - Besides Staff, What Else? Seminar
8 Feb 2012 PAIB Seminar on Corporate Governance Code and Rule Amendments Seminar
4 Oct 2011 PAIB Industry Focus Group Discussion - Members in the Retail Sector are Invited to Share their Views
Breakfast gathering
4 Jul 2011 Developments in Hong Kong's offshore RMB business Seminar
24 Jun 2011 PAIB Industry Focus Group Discussion – for Members in the Public Sector Breakfast gathering
13 Jun 2011 PAIB Networking Cocktail on the Theme of Mentorship Networking event
12 Mar  2011 PAIB Workshop on Receivables Management and Debt Recovery Workshop
2 Mar  2011 Consultation on Changes to the Code on Corporate Governance Practices and Associated Listing Rules Seminar
26 Jan 2011 Stock Exchange’s Review of Financial Statements and Corporate Governance Disclosures in Annual Reports Seminar
8 Dec 2010 Directors' & Officers' Liabilities and Mitigating the Risks Forum
7 Oct 2010 Global and local developments in sustainability and corporate social responsibility reporting Forum
18 Aug 2010 What accountants should know about Intellectual Capital Management Forum
23 Jun 2010 PAIB "fireside conversations" event - Management philosophy of an international theme park Networking event
12 May 2010 PAIB Networking Cocktail and Investor Relations Talk Networking event
19 Apr 2010 Valuation – HKFRS 2 Share-based Payment & HKFRS 3 Business Combinations Forum
29 Mar 2010
(re-scheduled to 25 Mar 10)
PAIB Seminar on Fraud Prevention and the Role of Forensic Accounting Seminar
15 Mar 2010 PAIB Forum on Treasury Management – Financing Business in a Volatile Economic Climate Forum
20 Jan 2010 Discussion Forum on IASB Exposure Draft Management Commentary Discussion Forum
14 Dec 2009 Financial Reports Preparation – Seminar on the Stock Exchange's Review of Financial Statements Seminar
28 Oct 2009 How accountants can step up to senior management Networking event
23 Jul 2009 Gathering with a Theme for Professional Accountants in Business (PAIBs) Networking
8 Jun 2009

Valuation: What Accountants in Business Need to Know Overview and Techniques

23 Apr 2009 Current Issues in Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Internal Control Forum and Cocktail
30 Mar 2009 Avoiding Financial Pitfalls: Dectecting early warning signs of financial troubles ahead and taking preventive action Forum
16 Feb 2009
Forum on effective investor relations for listed companies co-hosted by CFIG & PAIBC Forum
10 Jan 2009
Tips on Surviving an Economic Downturn - Practical Advice for PAIBs working in SMEs Forum