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Professional Development Framework for PAIBs

Professional Development Framework for PAIBs




Developed by the Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee of the Institute, the Professional Development Framework for PAIBs aims to provide a useful and accessible guide to the competencies – such as prerequisite knowledge, skills, attitude, practices and standards of behaviour – necessary for PAIBs to perform both current and desired roles. The framework can help them to shape their careers, realize their objectives, and take control of their learning to achieve their goals. 



Overview of the Framework

The framework defines four different – yet interdependent – knowledge areas essential to PAIBs:


Knowledge Area
Technical Skills

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Management Accounting and Reporting

Risk Management and Internal Control


Information Technology

Corporate and Strategic Finance

Corporate Governance


Business Skills

Business Planning and Strategy

Business Relations

Industry Knowledge

Leadership and People Skills

Performance Management

Team Building

Change Management

Investor Relations

Interpersonal Skills

Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism Ethics, Integrity and Professionalism 


Competencies and sub-competencies relevant to different job seniority levels are identified under each knowledge area.




For PAIBs – Learning and Development

The framework provides an accessible guide to the knowledge, skills and mind-set required for PAIBs to perform both their current and desired roles at different seniority levels, through performing self-assessment.

For Employers – Performance and Talent Management
The framework enables organizations to plan and develop the skill sets required by the finance team – now and into the future, through evaluating its finance function.



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