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Articles from A Plus

2023 issues


Becoming better: Navigating Hong Kong’s B Corp movement

  • Becoming a B Corporation, or B Corp, is a time-consuming and transformative journey for businesses, enabling them to have a positive impact on communities, and the planet. Jemelyn Yadao explores Hong Kong’s growing B Corp movement, and talks to Hong Kong B Corps about the process and how the certification can be good for business

Transitioning Hong Kong into an ESG and green finance hub

  • The archived webinar of the Institute’s 50th anniversary flagship event CPA Congress, which featured a panel discussion on Hong Kong’s role in ESG and green finance, is now available for subscription for a limited time

Facilitating sustainable development and net zero transitions

  • Nancy Tse, Deputy Chair of IFAC’s Professional Accountants in Business Advisory Group and member of the Institute, on the profession’s role in enabling capital markets and societies to deliver sustainability goals

ISSB exposure drafts and Link Asset Management Limited: case study for streamlining ESG KPIs

  • Calvin Lee Kwan, Director of Sustainability and Risk Governance at Link Asset Management Limited, shares the entity’s experience in adopting proposed standards under the ISSB’s exposure drafts

Greenwash prevention – Why it matters and how to address it

  • Grace Hui, Convenor of the Institute’s Greenwash Prevention Working Group, moderates an e-Seminar covering corporate greenwashing and what can be done to combat it

Board oversight of sustainability and ESG

  • Laura Leka, Principal at the International Federation of Accountants’ (IFAC) thought leadership team, on how boards today are effectively discharging their responsibility for sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) oversight

Is embracing sustainability and green finance an option or prerequisite for CPAs?

  • Experts chime in on the latest developments in business and accounting