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Best Corporate Governance Awards




The Institute is proud to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the prestigious Best Corporate Governance Awards ("Awards"/ “BCGA”). The Awards enjoy strong support from a wide range of stakeholders, including the HKSAR Government, financial market regulators, investor groups, professional associations and firms, the business community and academics.


Since their inception in 2000, the Awards have played an important role in establishing benchmarks and encouraging improvements in standards of corporate governance ("CG") and, more recently also, sustainability/ environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices and reporting, among listed companies and public sector/ not-for-profit organisations in Hong Kong. They raise awareness of the need for companies to be transparent and accountable to their shareholders and other stakeholders, and also alert the community to current CG and sustainability/ ESG developments in Hong Kong.


The Awards focus on voluntary practices and disclosures, as reflected in annual reports and sustainability/ corporate social responsibility reports, which go beyond the minimum legal and regulatory requirements.


Features of the 2020 Awards include:


  • Awards are available in seven main categories and there are also possible Self-Nomination Awards and Commendations for Website Corporate Governance Information. In addition Special Mentions may be awarded to companies and public sector organisations that are making good efforts to raise their CG or sustainability/ ESG standard.

  • The awards for good CG practices based on self-nominations are aimed at smaller companies, with a market capitalisation of no more than HK$6 billion, as at 30 April 2020, as well as public sector/ not-for-profit organisations. These are sectors where the Institute sees scope for further encouragement and improvement. Applicants for Self-Nomination Awards can write to the Institute to explain the measures that have taken to upgrade their CG practices during the period under review. They may be invited to attend an interview to discuss their CG policies and practices in more detail.

  • The Sustainability and Social Responsibility Reporting ("SSR") Awards, introduced in 2011, form an increasingly important part of the overall Awards, as HKEX has upgraded the minimum ESG requirements for listed companies and institutional investors are more commonly taking ESG factors into account in their investment decisions and portfolios. Given the growing pool of potential awardees arising from the above developments, a more extensive initial screening exercise is being conducted for the SSR Awards this year, aiming to identify companies and organisations whose sustainability/ ESG reporting, whether in standalone reports or in annual reports, merits a more detailed assessment.


The Institute regularly reviews and refines the Awards assessment criteria and marking sheets to take account of changes in local regulations, relevant international developments and the evolving expectations of the community.


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Categories of awards

The Awards Organising Committee invites entries for the 2020 Awards from listed companies (Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market) and public sector/not-for-profit organisations in the following categories:



Hang Seng Index ("HSI")-constituent companies

Non-HSI-constituent companies:


- Large market capitalisation


- Medium market capitalisation


- Small market capitalisation


H-share companies and other Mainland enterprises

Public sector/Not-for-profit organisations:

(vi) – Large

(vii) – Small and medium


In each of the above categories, Diamond, Platinum and Gold CG Awards are available as well as SSR Awards for sustainability/ ESG reporting.


As indicated above, there are also Self-Nomination Awards and Commendations for Website CG Information to be won.


The judges may also acknowledge other worthy CG or sustainability/ ESG performances by giving out Special Mentions.


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Entry procedure

The judging criteria and application process are explained in the brochure inviting entries for the Awards. The submission deadline is 10 August 2020. There is no fee for entry.


For Self-Nomination Awards, a separate form needs to be completed and returned together with the entry form.


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20th anniversary video series

Check out our short series of videos highlighting the value of adopting good governance and sustainability practices, including an overview and illustrations of key criteria.


  • The first video features the Institute’s President, and the Awards Judging Panel Chair, Johnson Kong



Board structure and functioning, and risk management and internal control are key determinant factors used to assess the candidates in the Awards. In these two episodes, Patrick discusses a number of the important criteria in these areas. 

  • The fourth video features the Awards Organising Committee Chair, Loren Tang


Sustainability and social responsibility are a growing area of importance for the Awards. Loren highlights some of the judging considerations, including KPIs, for the Sustainability and Social Responsibility Reporting Awards.


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Recent A Plus articles on the awards

As part of the Institute’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of the awards, the Institute’s monthly magazine A Plus has featured articles on how the awards have helped to develop Hong Kong’s corporate governance landscape, and what winning awards means to companies and public sector organizations.



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