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The Capstone aims to further develop students' ability to integrate and apply prior knowledge and skills acquired from the Associate Level and the Professional Level (such as financial reporting, business finance, auditing and taxation, etc) and from practical experience.  It will also further develop the enabling competences.  The focus is on the ability to deal competently with professional type situations, involving the integration and application of knowledge and skills from any part of the syllabus, across all fields of technical and enabling competence.


The Capstone is integrated and comprised of three full-day, face-to-face workshop supplemented with interactive online materials and the Final Examination.  Full attendance of the Capstone workshop is a pre-requisite for sitting the Final Examination.   Completion of the Capstone requires meeting the overall assessment of the three full-day workshop and the Final Examination.  Students who fail to achieve the overall assessment will be required to retake the Capstone.



The Capstone workshop will be case-based and will require students to think laterally to identify complex problems and develop multifaceted solutions.  There will also be added emphasis on the practice of ethics to enhance the higher-order skill training of the students.


The Capstone workshop will include simulations, case studies and assessment tasks.  Students are required to demonstrate their achievement of the prescribed learning outcomes and meet the assessment criteria of the workshop.  The workshops are usually conducted during Saturdays and Sundays.


Final Examination

The Final Examination will be a four-hour and open-book examination.  Students are expected to integrate technical knowledge and professional skills across all areas of accounting and related fields in the analysis and solution of complex professional problems.


Two exam sittings are held each year in June session and December session.


Examination Rules

Students who have not completed the Capstone within 10 years from the date of first registration as a QP student will be removed from the student register.  All previous examination pass results will be permanently removed.  For the module exemptions previously granted, they can only be retained provided that the students register again as a QP student within two years from the date of removal.


Capstone Syllabuses

In addition to all the core knowledge and skills acquired from previous modules of the professional programme, the Capstone also includes, but are not limited to, the following key competence areas.  


Syllabus area Weight (%)
Develop business strategy 10-20
Formulate business decisions  10-20
Implement business solutions 5-15
Raising finance 5-15 
Corporate governance 10-20
Risk management 10-20
Regulatory compliance 5-15
Business ethics and professional negligence 10-20
Team management and leadership 10-15


For detailed syllabus and proficiency level of the learning outcomes, please click here and for more information of Capstone, please click here.


Pilot Examination Papers

Two versions of Pilot Examination Papers (Version 1Version 2based on the same case study are provided to illustrate that a variety of questions from different angles can be asked.  Also, the case background and additional information provided in the questions can be presented in different formats.