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Current QP December Examination Online Information Portal

QP Information Portal

This webpage contains useful information and links about the upcoming June 2022 Session of the Qualification Programme.



Examinations and workshops




Latest update on June 2022 Session

The Institute plans to allow the June 2022 Session of the QP to go ahead by putting in place a contingency plan against another wave of the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Introductory Workshop and the four Professional Module Workshops will be conducted virtually in an online format whereas the arrangement of the 3-day Capstone Workshops will be announced later.  For the QP examinations, they will continue to be conducted physically in examination venues under invigilation.  In this regard, we have sourced suitable locations across Hong Kong which are fit for purpose as examination venues for the June 2022 Session.


Important update on the four-attempt rule

The Institute sees the importance of providing greater flexibility to QP students for their career development amid the evolving learning habits and changes brought by the pandemic. After careful consideration, the Institute has decided not to introduce the four-attempt rule for the new QP.  Students will, therefore, be able to complete the examinations and workshops of the QP without any restriction on the number of attempts for each module.  However, any QP student who has not completed the programme within 10 years from the date of first registration as a QP student will be removed from the student register under the Professional Accountants By-law 39.



In preparation for the Module and Final Examinations, the Institute has developed social distancing measures, including the use of multiple venues with sufficient physical distancing as well as precautionary health measures as recommended by the Centre for Health Protection.  To ensure a smooth entrance to the examination venues, please observe the latest Government’s announcement regarding the requirements for entering specified premises.  Please also observe the quarantine and documentary requirements for inbound travellers if applicable. 

Precautionary measures

The following precautionary measures will be implemented for the coming examinations.   This list will be updated if necessary:

  1. Checking candidates' body temperature at the entry point.
  2. Collecting candidates' health declaration forms before examinations (health declaration form including confirmation that candidates are not undergoing mandatory quarantine or waiting for mandatory COVID-19 test results).
  3. Candidates are required to put on their own surgical mask properly (with the nose, mouth and chin fully covered) throughout the examination. (Invigilators may ask candidates to remove their surgical masks temporarily when taking attendance in order to verify their identities.)
  4. Providing hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and back-up masks to candidates.
  5. Providing masks, protective face shields and gloves to invigilators.
  6. Performing sanitization during the lunch break.
  7. Setting longer inter-seat distance between candidates.

For the examination dates, please refer to the New QP timetable for details.


Professional Level Workshops

The Professional Level includes five full-day workshops. One serves as the introduction to the Professional Level and one for each Professional Module (i.e. Modules 11 to 14).  Completion of the Introductory Workshop is a pre-requisite to start the Professional Modules (note that the transitional arrangement applies).


Students are required to enrol for the selected workshop class and process the payment at the same time to complete the enrolment. Online open enrolment is open now and enrolments are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.  Students are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and enrol early.


Students are allowed to enrol for the Introductory Workshop together with Professional Modules in the same session.  Students must complete the Introductory Workshop before sitting the Professional Modules. If students cannot successfully complete the Introductory Workshop, the enroled Professional Modules will be withdrawn automatically with refund after deducing the HK$500 administration fee for each enrolled module item.


The Capstone

The Capstone consists of three full-day workshop and the Final Examination.  The three-day Capstone workshop must be enrolled in bundle.  Students must ensure their availability of all three days before enrolment because full attendance of the Capstone workshop is a pre-requisite for sitting the Final Examination.   Make-up class arrangement will be subject to venue availability and number of participants.  Absence from any day of the workshop will prohibit you to attend the remaining day(s) of the workshop and the Final Examination without any refund.



Student should read through the Student Handbook and be mindful to the workshop arrangements for the new QP, which includes but is not limited to:

·         Structure of workshop

·         Workshop rules

·         Attendance and punctuality

·         Workshop assessment rubric for each module

·         Change of workshop class





Useful learning and examination support resources including Module Preparation Seminars and Examination Techniques Seminars have been made available through the  QP learning centre to help students prepare for the examinations. 


Module Preparation Seminars and Examination Techniques Seminars

The seminars aim at helping to reinforce students’ understanding of major or difficult topics and polishing students’ examination techniques.  All the seminars will be held as live webinars.


Please refer to the webpage for more details. 


Pilot paper and learning materials

Pilot papers and learning materials for the Associate and the Professional Modules and the Capstone have been developed by the Institute to help students prepare for the new QP examinations.  


New QP core enabling competences

The new QP aims on developing the integration and applications of students’ knowledge and skills in a professional context, with added emphasis on ethical training, to meet the current needs and prepares for the future.  In this regard, four competences are highlighted as the core enabling competences (CECs) throughout the new QP Professional Level and the Capstone.  Videos explaining the CECs are available on the QP Learning Centre to further explain their importance and illustrate how they will be practiced throughout the QP journey.



Contact us


For any enquiries, please contact the following sections of the Institute’s Education and Training Department, who will be pleased to answer your questions:


Enrolment matters: (852) 2287 7-397/ 068 or email
Examination matters: (852) 2287 7-081/ 460 or email
Workshop matters: (852) 2287 7-283/ 529 or email

Capstone workshop matters: