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BAFS Teachers' Club

Support for BAFS Teachers

As a statutory licensing body of professional accountants in Hong Kong, we believe that teachers’ support is essential for effective teaching and candidates’ success.  The purpose of setting up the BAFS Teachers’ Club is to build a solid network between Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS) Teachers and to assist BAFS Teachers in teaching the subject.



Teachers of BAFS



  • To promote a supportive and caring relationship between the BAFS Teachers and the institute.
  • To provide a range of resources to support teacher members in teaching the BAFS subject.
  • To provide information about the accountancy profession to BAFS Teachers so that they can advise candidates for further studies or career development in this profession.


Exclusive membership privileges

  • Enjoy free club membership
  • Receive regular e-newsletters "BAFS Teachers' Express" which contain the latest news about the accountancy profession, technical articles and topics that will be of interest to BAFS Teachers.
  • Receive first hand information of the institute/HKABE BAFS Mock Examination and activities organized by the institute.



Free of charge





Online application form 


Archived issues of "BAFS Teachers' Express"


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June 2019