The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants announced, from Tuesday 4 February 2020 onwards until further notice, to close library facilities and to adjust the services hours of counter on the 27th floor to 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, whilst counter services hours on Saturday remains unchanged (from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon).

This is a precautionary measure to safeguard the health and safety of our members and staff given the evolving coronavirus situation in Hong Kong, while balancing the need to ensure the services to members.

The Institute also announced that all CPD courses and member events from 17 February to 1 March are cancelled. We will closely monitor the situation to determine whether it is necessary to extend the measure to other future events. Arrangement for future events and refund will be advised in due course. Please click here to view the list of cancelled events.
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HKICPA accounting and business management case competition

Analyze like a Pro.

Get a taste of real business!

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Event date

Deadline for registration


Briefing Session

18 Oct 2019 (Fri) Re-scheduled to
22 Oct 2019 (Tue)

11 Oct 2019 (Fri)

Online register for Briefing Session

Free Business seminar
(for Levels 1 & 2 participants)

9 Nov 2019 (Sat)


4 Nov 2019 (Mon)

Please click here to download the enrolment form

Free Business seminar
(for Level 2 participants)

4 Jan 2020 (Mon)



The HKICPA Accounting and Business Management Case Competition 2019-20 aims to develop the ability of senior secondary school students, especially those studying Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, in using accounting information for business development and to improve their enabling skills as required by today's business world. Since its inauguration in 2002, more than 300 secondary schools have participated in the Competition, making it one of the most popular and significant annual inter-school events of its kind. 


Company for case study

Lifestyle International Holdings Limited (Stock code:1212) (Lifestyle International)

利福國際集團有限公司(股票代號:1212) (利福國際)


Case Questions for download


 Level 1  Level 2
 English Question  English Question
 Chinese Question  Chinese Question



Five great reasons to join

      1.    Attractive cash prizes

   Six shortlisted outstanding performance teams can get cash prizes totally at $15,500.


2.    “Young reporters” programme and company visit

The champion team will meet and interact with CPAs to widen their horizons and their interview articles will be published in the HKICPA’s e-newsletter. Also, winning teams will gain a better understanding of the workplace environment through the company visit.


3.    Real world experience

Participating teams can learn how to analyze a real-life business situation and apply what they have learned in the classroom to identify possible strategies for a corporation’s future planning.


 4.     Free seminars

Participants will be invited to attend free seminars to enhance their financial analytical, business management, marketing strategic planning and proposal writing skills; and to learn more about the case company.


5.    Analysis/proposal

       Analysis/proposal can be submitted either in English or Chinese.



All full-time Secondary 4 to 6 students are eligible to participate in this Competition. 


Competition schedule



18 Oct 2019 (Fri) Re-scheduled to
22 Oct 2019 (Tue)

Announcement of the questions on Levels 1 and 2 competition on
HKICPA website

18 Oct 2019 (Fri) Re-scheduled to

22 Oct 2019 (Tue)

16:30 – 17:30

Briefing session

· Introduction of the case competition format, rules and case questions.

4 Nov 2019 (Mon)

Competition registration deadline

9 Nov 2019 (Sat)

08:45 – 13:15

Free business seminar (for Levels 1 & 2 participants)

· Basic financial ratio analysis and implication  (Part 1 & 2)

· Recap of major business and management concepts 



(for Level 2 participants only)

  · Deriving important information from financial statements, methods of analyzing trends and basic budget preparation


Jan 2020 (Sat)
14:00 – 17:15











Free business seminar (for Level 2 participants)

  · Lifestyle International Holdings Limited

  · Proposal writing skill

  · Business management and marketing strategies

14 Feb 2020 (Fri)

Deadline for submission of Level 1 financial and business management analysis

17 Feb 2020 (Mon)

Deadline for submission of Level 2 business proposal

3 April 2020 (Fri)

Announcement of Level 1, Level 2 results and the six outstanding performance teams for entering the final competition ( Level 3 – Oral presentation)

9 May 2020 (Sat) Re-scheduled to

16 May 2020 (Sat)

Final Competition – Oral presentation cum award ceremony


* Briefing and seminars are conducted in Cantonese.






$4,500 cash prize, certificate and a trophy

1st Runner-up


$3,500 cash prize, certificate and a trophy

2nd Runner-up


$3,000 cash prize, certificate and a trophy

Best business proposal


$1,000 cash prize, certificate and a plaque

Best presenter


$500 cash prize, certificate and a plaque

Outstanding performance
(3 awards)


$1,000 cash prize, certificate and a plaque

For teams not being selected to the final competition

Merit teams: Certificate for each team member
Top 10% of highest score teams in business proposal

Proficiency teams: Certificate for each team member
The next top 10% of second highest score teams in business proposal

A certificate of appreciation will be issued to all participants who submitted a business proposal in Level 2.

A certificate of participation will be issued to all participants who joined Level 1 and achieved 50 marks or above.


HKICPA Accounting & Business Management Case Competition 2018-19 Proposals for download

 Champion 1st Runner up  2nd Runner up 


To view the highlight of 2018-19 competition, please click here.


Tel: (852) 2287 7228