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Authorized Employer Scheme

The Authorized Employer Scheme involves the Institute accrediting employers on a corporate level so that they have a clear understanding of their obligations in ensuring that prospective members attain the appropriate type and level of practical experience for membership admission.


Please click to view the list of Authorized Employers currently registered with the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs.

CPA practices and organizations which are interested in applying for registration as an Authorized Employer may download the form AEMP - Application for registration as an Authorized Employer for more details on the registration requirements and procedures.

An Authorized Employer is welcome to mention its status as "an Authorized Employer of the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs" in its recruitment advertisements and materials to attract budding accountants to join the organization. There are restrictions on publicity for any other purposes. You may refer to note 6 of the form AEMP - Application for registration as an Authorized Employer for more details on the recognition and benefit.

Term of registration
The term of registration as an Authorized Employer is five years. The registration of an Authorized Employer will be subject to review on a case-by-case basis, which may result in termination by the Council in certain circumstances as prescribed in note 7 of the form AEMP - Application for registration as an Authorized Employer

Authorized Employer enhancement programme
In 2008, the Institute has launched the Authorized Employer enhancement programme which is aimed at improving the Institute's communications with the Authorized Employers, understanding their difficulties in training the Institute's registered students to obtain practical experience, and providing relevant guidance to the Authorized Employers.

Update on Authorized Employer Scheme

The Institute has updated the approach in reviewing the Authorized Employer registration and renewal. The purpose of the update is to maintain the quality of the  Authorized Employer Scheme.


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