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Group insurance programmes

Personal insurance programme for members and registered students

(A) Group insurance plans for members and registered students at very competitive rates

  • Life insurance plan
  • Hospital and surgical insurance plan


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     e-Premium Calculator

(B) High-end medical insurance plan

      (including Bupa IHHP plan with special discount)

(C) Other insurance

  • Medical examination plan
  • Dental plan
  • Householder insurance plan
  • Motor insurance plan


Please click here for the salient features.


Insurance programme for member practices

Group insurance plans for member practices at very competitive rates

  • Medical Insurance
  • Office insurance and employees’ compensation


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Insuright Brokers

Kent Leung        tel: 3443 9891 / 2541 1300

Estella Cheng    tel: 3443 9898

Fax: 3443 9889