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Summary of Mandatory CPD Requirements

According to Statement 1.500 (revised July 2014), all members, except those exempt from complying with the CPD requirements, are required to:


1) undertake CPD to contribute to the development and maintenance of professional competence that is appropriate to their work and professional responsibilities;


2) complete at least 120 hours of relevant professional development activity in each rolling three-year period, of which 60 hours shall be verifiable; and at least 20 hours of relevant professional development activity in each year (the reporting period for each year commences from 1 December);


3) measure learning activities to meet the above requirements; and  


4) maintain appropriate records of all CPD activities completed in each rolling three-year period. These records and documentary evidence should be sufficient to support their attendance or completion of CPD activities for a minimum of five years, and produce such records and documentary evidence when they are selected for an audit conducted by the Institute.


Please refer to the useful links below for details about CPD requirements and examples of relevant CPD activities.


CPD useful links:

CPD guidelines: Statement 1.500 (July 2014)

Guidance on CPD Exemptions: Appendix of Statement 1.500 (July 2014)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Quick Guide

Briefing on CPD requirements (updated 2018)

Consolidated changes to statement 1.500 (since August 2010)



For enquiries, please call the Institute at (852) 2287-7454.