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ethics alert

Financial Reporting, Auditing, Ethics and Sustainability Disclosures Alert

The Institute's Standards and Regulation division provides alerts to draw members attention to topical financial, reporting, auditing and ethics issues that should be given particular attention.

Comments and suggestions may be sent by e-mail to
Issue Number
Issue Date
No. 50 Regulatory reporting under the Insurance Ordinance (Cap. 41) upon implementation of HKFRS 17 during the transitional period before the implementation of the Risk-based Capital Regime March 2024 
No. 49 Updates on the Institute's Sustainability Disclosure Standards development March 2024
No. 48 Considerations for 2023 year-end audits December 2023
No. 47

Development of the HKICPA’s Sustainability Disclosure Standards

June 2023
No. 46 Reminders for auditor’s reporting on the Insurance (Financial and Other Requirements for Licensed Insurance Broker Companies) Rules  March 2023
No. 45  Monitoring Activities and SOQM Evaluation under HKSQM 1 
March 2023
No. 44 Accounting implications of the abolition of the MPF-LSP offsetting mechanism in Hong Kong February 2023
No. 43  Getting Ready for the Quality Management Standards June 2022
No. 42 Update on impact of Coronavirus Outbreak on Audits and Auditors
March 2022
No. 41 Referral fees for introduction of clients and maintenance of a registered office February 2022
No. 40 Auditor’s reporting requirements for the Funding Scheme for Children’s Well-being and Development
August 2021
No. 39 New inspection regime for the Companies Register June 2021
No. 38 Commitment to ensuring audit quality April 2021
No. 37 Financial reporting considerations to close out 2020 January 2021 
No. 36

Solicitors’ accounts reporting pitfalls

October 2020
No. 35 Compliance work for regulated entities June 2020
No. 34 Risk-based supervision of accounting professionals concerning anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing compliance June 2020
No. 33 Financial reporting implications of coronavirus  March 2020
No. 32 Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak on Audits and Auditors
February 2020 
No. 31 Practice review scope and selection after audit regulatory reform September 2019 
No. 30 Valuation on acquisitions and disposals August 2019
No. 29 Initiatives and measures to strengthen actions to deal with non-compliance May 2019
No. 28 Online audit confirmation tools December 2018
No. 27 Disciplinary actions arising from practice review complaints  November 2018
No. 26 Monitoring of AML compliance October 2018
No. 25
Keeping your head above water – financial reporting considerations for 2017
July 2017
No. 24
Are you ready for the next wave of change in accounting standards?
December 2016
No. 23 New elements in the practice review selection process
Oct 2016
No. 22
International Education Standard (IES) 8 Professional Competence for Engagement Partners Responsible for Audit of Financial Statements
June 2016
No. 21
Provisional regulations on CPA practices carrying out audit services relating to the listing of Mainland enterprises outside Mainland
July 2015
No. 20
Auditor's report signing arrangements
April 2015
No. 19
Reminder on the timing for opting for reporting exemption and on consolidation matters under SME-FRF & SME-FRS (Revised)
September 2014
No. 18
Documentation requirements for group auditors and practical implications for auditor regulation in Hong Kong
April 2013
No. 17
Audits of group financial statements  –  HKSA 600
January 2013
No. 16
Alert on professional scepticism and audit of mainland companies
January 2012
No. 15
Implementation of revised Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants from SMP's perspective August 2011
No. 14
Preparation of accounting records and financial statements for an audit client
February 2011
No. 13 2010 report on practice reviews of practices with listed clients January 2011
No. 12
Statement of cash flows
December 2010
No. 11
HK Interpretation 5 Presentation of Financial Statements – Classification by the Borrower of a Term Loan that Contains a Repayment on Demand Clause
November 2010
No. 10
Operating segments: a management approach
September 2010
No. 9
Educational points identified from reviews of published financial statements – HKAS 16 and HKAS 40
May 2010
No. 8
Report on practice reviews of practices with listed clients
March 2010
No. 7
HKFRS for Private Entities - Statement of Intent
January 2010
No. 6
Educational points on HKAS 1 identified from reviews of published financial statements under the Institute's professional standards monitoring programme
January 2010
No. 5
PN 820 The Audit of Licensed Corporations and Associated Entities of Intermediaries
December 2009
No. 4
Updates to Hong Kong Standards on Auditing for the new International Standards on Auditing
June 2009
No. 3
Solicitors' accounts - Client money
May 2009
No. 2
Going concern
March 2009
No. 1
Financial instruments disclosures
February 2009