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CPA for NGO social responsibility programme

As a strategic initiative to make a difference in the community, the Institute introduces the social responsibility programme "CPA for NGO 會計專業惠社群", aiming to support voluntary non-governmental organizations to improve their financial reporting and governance with CPAs' expertise.


The Institute organizes a series of seminar to help the voluntary NGOs better understand the best practices of managing financial systems, internal controls and organizational governance to achieve sustainable development. After the seminar, two accountant ambassadors (AAs) working as a team will also render one-to-one counselling to voluntary NGOs seeking professional advice on accounting and related matters.


Quick guide with highlights of these seminars are published to facilitate NGOs to implement the best practices of respective areas.


As an extension of the "CPA for NGO" programme, the Institute supports the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as the sole strategic partner of its NGO governance platform project and advocates best governance practices to board members of NGOs.  The project features visitations to NGO boards, luncheon talks, workshops and an online resources portal carrying useful and relevant information about organizational governance.


Click to see a video featuring the initiative, and sign up to be AA counsellor to help the NGOs.




11 July 2018

 NGO Directors' Luncheon - "NGO governance and public trust"      event photos

6 July 2018

Workshop series for NGO board members -

Sixth session on "Budgets, forecasts and financial plannings"    event photos    presentation

22 June 2018

Lunch seminar on "Financial Reporting 101"

event photo   presentation 

27 April 2018

Workshop series for NGO board members -

Fifth session on "Reserve and financial sustainability"     event photos    presentation

26 January 2018

Workshop series for NGO board members -

Fourth session on "Internal control and risk oversight"     event photos    presentation

1 December 2017

Workshop series for NGO board members -

Third session on "Information disclosure and accountability"   event photos    presentation

29 September 2017

Workshop series for NGO board members -

Second session on "Understanding financial statement and auditors' report"    

event photos     presentation

8 September 2017 NGO Directors' Luncheon - "The Uniqueness of Local Chairities' Governance"  event photos
6 and 22 September 2017 Induction briefing session for NGOs and Accountant Ambassadors event photos
21 July 2017

Workshop series for NGO board members -

First session on "Monitoring roles and financial responsibilities of NGO boards"    

event photos     presentation

7 July 2017

 Briefing session for accountant ambassadors   event photos

25 May 2017

Workshop on "How to prepare financial statement and annual report"   event photos

presentation (part 1)     presentation (part 2)

10 May 2017

NGO Directors' Luncheon - "The Art of NGO Governance"   event photos

17 February 2017

NGO Directors' Luncheon - "Challenges facing NGO Boards"   event photos

2 November 2016

NGO Directors' Luncheon - "Risk Oversight in NGO Governance"   event photos

2 September 2016

Briefing session for accountant ambassadors   event photos

17 June 2016

Seminar on implications and interpretation of financial statements and auditor's report  

event photos     presentation

18 November 2015

 Seminar on financial planning
(under "Envisioning Programme" organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

5 June 2015 

Seminar on compliance with the best practice manual for NGOs   event photos     presentation

2 March 2015

Briefing session for accountant ambassadors   event photos

13 October 2014

Seminar on financial management and reporting, financial projection   event photos

presentation (part 1)    presentation (part 2)

4 August 2014

Seminar on corporate governance   event photos    presentation

9 May 2014

Seminar on fundraising management   event photos    presentation

6 December 2013   

Launch event   event photos   


The launch event with a kick-off ceremony officiated by the guest of honour, Kok Che-leung, assistant director of subventions branch of the Social Welfare Department, was held in 2013.


The first seminar on fundraising management was attended by 100 NGOs' representatives in May 2014. The majority (77%) say the contents are useful in helping them to improve the internal control and to perform the organization's financial responsibility for fundraising activities. Click to see the presentation.


On 4 August 2014, the Institute organized the second seminar on corporate governance to give nearly 100 NGOs' representatives useful guidelines and perspectives on enhancing their organizational governance. The presentation covered topics on the best practices and framework of corporate governance, board structure and functions, transparency, accountability, internal control and risk management. Very positive feedback was received from the participants with 85% saying the seminar helps them better understand the best practices for improving their organization governance.


Seventy NGOs' representatives attended the third seminar , to learn from accountant ambassador (AA) speakers the effective and efficient processes for financial management in four areas: budgeting, procurement to payment, cash management and closing of financial statement, as well as the functions of internal audit and external reporting.  A NGO's agency head was also invited to talk about in the sharing session the insights she gained from the focus group meetings led by our AA on how to better manage an organization's lump sum grant and provident fund reserve with proper financial projection. The focus group was formed with six agency heads and two half-day meetings to discuss their concerns on LSG and PF reserve management were held in September. Click to see the presentation on (i) financial management and reporting and (ii) financial projection.


Nearly 50 accountant ambassadors joined a briefing session in March 2015, to learn more about the programme and how they can play a part to help non-governmental organizations to better manage their common issues and challenges on financial management, internal controls and governance. During the panel discussion, the programme's core team members shared their experience of supporting NGOs by being a council member, honorary treasurer, and/or by providing advisory services on pro-bono basis. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service's representatives enriched the discussion by highlighting the operating culture and practices of local NGOs, which helped our AAs better understand their problems. AAs were then engaged in more in-depth discussion with core team members in small groups.


Supporting small- and medium-sized social service organizations receiving the government's lump sum grant to fulfill the guidelines as set out in the Best Practice Manual for NGOs issued by the Social Welfare Department, the Institute held the fourth seminar on 5 June 2015 to share with some 100 agency heads and executives tips on setting policies and procedures for improving their governance, accountability, financial management, and human resources management. A NGO agency head also shared his experience in the process of bettering the organization's governance from setting policies, stakeholders communication to putting into practice. Click to see the presentation.


Invited by the Institute for Entrepreneurship of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Institute's past president Susanna Chiu joined a seminar on financial planning under the PolyU's "Envisioning Programme" on 18 November 2015. As a keynote speaker she shared with more than 200 executives from NGOs under the government's subvention system three areas of financial management: (i) a forward looking approach in financial planning; (ii) maximize the use of / set an optimal level of reserves under lump sum grant; and (iii) manage financial resources with transparency and public accountability. Following the plenary seminar, AA counsellors also supported in four workshops to lead the participants in group discussions with case study, to help them learn more about good practices in financial management. 


At the fifth seminar of the series held on 17 June 2016, the AA speaker explained to nearly 80 NGOs' representatives about financial reporting requirements, contents of an audited financial statements, and how to interpret the financial statements and the auditor's report. This way, NGOs could better prepare to produce an annual report which carries relevant information for enhanced and effective communication with their stakeholders. One-to-one advisory session for NGOs seeking professional advice from AA counsellors were also arranged after the seminar. Click to see the presentation.


Accountant ambassadors joined a briefing session on 2 September 2016 to learn more about the programme activities and how they can help social services organizations to improve financial management and reporting, internal controls and governance. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service's representatives also introduced its NGO governance platform project which requires CPAs' support in the advocacy of best governance practices to NGO board members.

Quick Guide Series


Quick Guide_InternalControl&Audit

QuickGuide_ReservePolicy Quick Guide_Governance&Accountability



QuickGuide_InternalControl&Audit_chi QuickGuide_ReservePolicy_Chi QuickGuide_Governance&Accountability_chi




For enquiries, please contact our corporate communications department at 2287 7216.