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China Desk

China Desk
Free Information Service

免費 「中國諮詢台」服務



China Desk service is provided by Mainland China Development team of of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



Since the signing of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between the HKSAR and Central Governments, there have been increasing number of Institute’s members / International Affiliates and their clients investing or practising in the Mainland. In this connection, the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants set up a “China Desk” in its Mainland office to provide free advisory services and information to Institute’s members/International Affiliates on Mainland related issues.

自《內地與香港關於建立更緊密經貿關係的安排》簽訂以來,愈來愈多公會會員 / 國際聯繫會員及其客戶在內地進行投資或開展業務。由此,香港會計師公會專門設立一個「中國諮詢台」,免費為公會會員/國際聯繫會員解答內地相關事務的查詢,並提供最新的行業資訊。



Scope of Free Services Provision of Information on accounting, taxation, customs, investments opportunities, industry and commerce, economics and trade related issues 免費服務範圍

Generally, the China Desk provides enquirers with the contact details of relevant Mainland government departments or reference to useful websites to facilitate their access to more and elaborate, non-proprietary business-related information. Such information must not be classified as state or business secrets.  



Note: The Institute reserves the right to use, on a no name basis, the information collected from this service for statistical and other purposes. 
注: 香港會計師公會保留以不記名的方式使用收集的資訊供統計和其它目的之用。 




Service Charge 服務費用

This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE to all Institute‘s members / International Affiliates. 

香港會計師公會會員 / 國際聯繫會員使用上述服務時,毋須支付任何費用。 




Communication Channels 聯絡方式 

Institute’s members/International Affiliates can contact China Desk via email or the electronic enquiry form to request for the said service by providing their membership / International Affiliate number. To facilitate better understanding of the enquiry, enquirers are requested to submit their questions in Chinese as far as possible. Under normal circumstances, enquires will be responded within 2 working days.





Contact Details 聯絡資料 

Electronic Enquiry Form:


China Desk Information Service Enquiry Form

Contact Person:


Mr. Zhang




(86) 010-5650 0553 



(86) 010-5650 0552 



Contact address:


Room 1507, Zhongkun Plaza, Building 1, Gaoliangqiaoxiejie No.59 yard, Haidian District, Beijing 100044, China

北京市海淀區高梁橋斜街59號院1號樓中坤大廈1507室 (郵編:100044)

Service hour:


Monday – Friday (9:00 am to 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm)

Except on Mainland public holidays 

除內地假期外,週一至週五 (上午9:00至中午12:00及下午1:00至5:30) 




Enquiries 查詢

Please contact the Institute’s Mainland China Development team.

香港會計師公會 中國內地事務組




 2287 7070




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