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2007 - 2016


Date Topic Nature of Activity
3 Oct 2016 CFIG Evening Seminar: Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect (深港通) Seminar
30 Aug 2016 中國企業“走出去”的挑戰與機遇 Seminar
18 Jul 2016 CFIG Forum - Developing Hong Kong to become a regional hub of corporate treasury centres Forum
17 Jun 2016 CFIG Seminar - Corporate Treasury and Foreign Currency Risk Management Seminar
3 May 2016 Meeting Business Partners gathering: Evening talk cum networking drinks – How do venture capital and private equity investors add value to their investments? Cocktail Reception
25 Feb 2016

CFIG Cocktail Reception - Corporate Treasury and Foreign Currency Risk Management



Cocktail Reception
30 Nov 2015 CFIG Seminar - Listings of PRC businesses in Hong Kong Seminar
16 Sep 2015 CFIG Evening Seminar - Principles and Practices of Takeovers in Hong Kong Seminar
14 Jul 2015 Joint PAIB and CFIG event : Meeting Business Partners – When a CFO meets an i-banker Seminar cum Networking Cocktail Reception
9 Mar 2015 CFIG evening seminar on China M&A activities - Prospect and Opportunities (中國併購活動前瞻及機遇座談會) Seminar
2 Dec 2014 CFIG Evening Seminar - Valuation and Investments in Early-stage Entities Seminar
17 Sep 2014 CFIG Seminar - Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect (滬港通) Seminar
23 Jul 2014 Listing Rule amendments relating to connected transactions Seminar
23 Jun 2014 Regulatory and Law Enforcement Agencies' Investigations and Responding to Requests for Information Seminar
9 May 2014 Review of Hong Kong Major Market Misconduct Cases Seminar
16 Jan 2014 Valuation of Biological Assets Seminar
5 Nov 2013 Spin-offs – From idea to execution Seminar
17 Sep 2013 New Regulatory Regime for IPO Sponsors Seminar
10 May 2013 Mainland companies converting B-shares into H-shares to list in Hong Kong  Seminar
18 Mar 2013 RMB / HKD Dual Currency Equity Issuance: Hopewell Highway Infrastructure – first dual counter equity security traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited  Seminar
4 Feb 2013 The Outlook for 2013 – Central banks and regulators will continue to set the tone; to what avail? Seminar
18 Dec 2012 Listing Rule Changes relating to the Statutory Inside Information Disclosure Regime Seminar
24 Sep 2012 Sharper Teeth for the SFC? Lunch Seminar
10 Jul 2012 Restructuring Distressed Listed Companies: A Case Study Lunch Seminar
25 Jun 2012 Corporate finance discussion forum – Proposals to enhance the regulatory regime of sponsors Evening Seminar
21 May 2012 Share-based compensation schemes: regulatory and practical issues Lunch Seminar
26 Mar 2012 Private Equity Investment in China Lunch Seminar
20 Feb 2012 Strategies for Selling a Business Lunch Seminar
12 Dec 2011 Capital Markets and M&A Trends for US Listed Chinese Companies Lunch Seminar
28 Nov 2011 IPO Success Factors (Re-run) Lunch Seminar
17 Nov 2011 IPO Success Factors Lunch Seminar
8 Sep 2011 Mergers and Acquisitions and Pre-IPO Structuring Lunch Seminar
7 Jul 2011 Reflections on the use of listed shell companies in Hong Kong Lunch Seminar
26 May 2011 Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions Lunch Seminar
24 Mar 2011 Global Mining Investment – Opportunities and Challenges Lunch Seminar
17 Jan 2011 Private Equity Investment in China Lunch Seminar
15 Nov 2010 Duty of Care and Potential Liabilities of Investment Advisors Lunch Seminar
29 Sep 2010 Listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Reverse Takeovers Lunch Seminar
12 Jul 2010 A practitioner's view of the new listing rules for mineral companies Lunch Seminar
24 May 2010 CFIG Lunch Forum on Statutory Codification of Price Sensitive Information Disclosure Requirements Lunch Seminar
10 May 2010 Current PRC policies on listing non state-owned mainland enterprises overseas Lunch Seminar
15 Mar 2010 Privatisation and Takeover Issues Lunch Seminar
10 Mar 2010 CFIG Spring Cocktail Cocktail
1 Feb 2010 Employee Share Options: Valuation and Minimisation of Costs Lunch Seminar
16 Nov 2009 Common breaches of Listing Rules and how they can be avoided Seminar
12 Oct 2009 How far does the responsibility of INEDs extend? Seminar
17 Sep 2009 CFIG & HKVCA joint seminar on Venture Capital ¡V the fine line between success and failure Seminar
16 Mar 2009 Taiwan: New Government, New Challenges and New Investment Opportunities with Taiwan Seminar
16 Feb 2009 Evening forum on effective investor relations for listed companies co-hosted by CFIG & PAIBC Seminar
19 Jan 2009 Practitioners meet Regulators series - Discussion forum on new listing rule changes Seminar
15 Dec 2008 Issues In the Valuation Of Financial Instruments Seminar
27 Nov 2008 Talk on Global Financial Crisis cum Networking Cocktail co-hosted by CFIG & PAIBC Seminar cum networking cocktail
29 Sep 2008 Joint HKICPA - HKVCPEA - AsrIA Seminar and Mixer Event
(Please click here for speaker's powerpoint)
Seminar cum networking cocktail
10 Sep 2008 "Practitioners meeting Regulatiors" series - Discussion forum on privatisation issues cum networking cocktail Discussion forum
26 May 2008 Strengthening Hong Kong's Role as a Global Market for IPOs Lunch Forum
1 Apr 2008 HKEx's proposed changes to the Listing Rules: Implication for business and the market Discussion Forum
11 Dec 2007 Discussion Forum on Current Issues in Corporate Finance
Discussion Forum
26 Oct 2007

Launch Reception 42